When Life takes a dramatic turn

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Sometimes it astonishing when I think about how many places I have lived and how many miles I have traveled. If you don't know, my roots are southern. I grew up in the magnolia land. I was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. Yes, the big zip code of 38701! Then, in what seemed like a matter of minutes, my life and my military career snatched me from my roots and quickly rezoned me to places like 85613 (Arizona), 31909 (Georgia), and even overseas to locations likes 7010 (Belgium) and 139-799 (Korea). Those zip codes were some amazing places to live! Now my husband and I live in the beautiful 00802 (St Thomas, USVI)! When I think about it, there was one thing that helped me to be successful no matter where I went. See, I realized that when you enter a different zip code (Z)one (I)mprovement (P)lan, the codes/system change, so those codes or norms that you used to survive in the last region may not work for you in the new region. As a matter of fact, those previous ways of survival or living might even turn on you in the new region. I say this to say: That May 2020 is a new region, a new zip code, so what you were familiar with in May 2019 and the people you associated with May 2018 will probably not work as effectively for you as it did then. See, it's time for many of us to transition to a new zip code--and your mindset must lead the way. If you want to survive and succeed, you will have to adjust to where you are. You can still do amazing things at this time, just maybe in a different way. However, to do those fantastic things, you will have to figure out [with the help of God] what is the best strategy for you and what is God's good and perfect plan for you. Unfortunately, going back to what is familiar and using the techniques from a previous zip code could backfire and even turn on you. What I suggest when you go into a new territory is to slow down and look around. Sit still. Stare into the waters. Be alone with yourself to see where you and your gifts fit into this new time. Newness is not all bad! Trust me, your greatest asset right now is to spend time alone with God so that you can understand how to operate in this new zip code --in this new (z)one (i)mprovement (p)lan. See, you don't want to miss God because you had no idea that God was bringing to pass (what you prayed for) in a way that was unfamiliar to you; unfamiliar because you did not understand how your life or how God would be working in this time, in this zip code.

When life turns, learn to turn with it..

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