What should you always believe about yourself?

Believe that in you flows an endless supply of energy. An energy that keeps your head up and your heart beating through breakups, letdowns, dry spells, and betrayals.

Believe that you were born on purpose and with a #purpose, and then smile.

Believe that you are always one phone call away from that person who will uplift you and give you the help and support you need, and then smile.

Believe that life will always provide you a way out just like it offered a way in, and vice versa, and then smile.

Believe that you #trust yourself enough to always be true to yourself, and then smile.

Believe that you're that person people want to check on, pray for, and support even when you may not always get things right, and then smile.

Believe that in you exists that person who the world so desperately needs.

Believe that in you breathes that person who truly admires you the most.

Make a daily decision to #BELIEVE IN YOURSELF so that you never abandon yourself, and then smile.

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