What will it take for your life to get better?

On several occasions, I can remember that I literally had no money to pay my bills, let alone buy personal items that I needed. That time was so tough for me and so overwhelming that it blinded my hope. I honestly could not see how my life could get better. I felt trapped.

It wasn’t until one day, that things begin to look up for me. It was the day that my two year old daughter laid across my chest and gave me this huge smile. She didn’t say a word, but she gave me this look as if I was her hero. It was like she believed in her little mind that I was never going to let her down. It was in that innocent look [filled with love] that I found hope to dig myself out of my situation. The desire for a better life grew within me, and it became more than just wanting to provide for her and my other daughter, but I realized that my pursuit of life would not only affect or inspire my children but also the lives of other children. I realized that in my life’s decisions lie someone else's future, their victory, and their testimony. My life and my choices are the foundation for someone’s opportunities, and this is the same truth for your life. So over time, my question changed from "will my life get better" to "how can I make my life better?" I knew that a generation(s) was depending on me.

I would tell anyone that regardless of your age, path, past, or personal decisions, your life is still a precious asset [to you] and to someone else. So when you find yourself in a position of hopelessness, or you feel that you are just living from day to day [with no purpose], and you can not see where life can get better, know these three truths:

  1. More than blood that runs through your veins. PURPOSE runs as well. It is those two elements that keep you alive. Some of you may ask why I am still alive? Because your God-given purpose refuses to let you give up.

  2. Someone in this world is relying on you to get them out of their situation. You hold the key to another human being’s way out. It could be your smile that gives a person hope.

  3. If you ever feel as if you are not needed or if you ever believe that your life can not get any better, ask this question aloud and listen for the response: “God will You move heaven and earth to get me where I want to be if I decide to be where You want me to be?

Because of what I have watched God do in my life, I am almost 99.9% sure that God will respond and say: " Yes, I am willing and able, just as long as you stay with Me. I will move heaven and earth to make your life better. I created you with purpose."

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