The power of living in Optimism

In my short time here on earth, I’ve been blessed to do some great things and you would think that those “great things” would be the spark of conversation when I talk to people. Strangely its not!

Surprisingly (to me), the question that I get asked the most is: how do you stay looking so young? or something like: I’ve known you for a while, how do you keep that same peaceful spirit and temperament? Well, I’ll tell you the same secret that I tell them; and it’s simple: I’m very #optimistic, I WILL NOT stay in one emotional place for too long, and I watch how I treat people PERIODT. Meaning, I refuse and I mean refuse to stay bitter with people or bitter with myself. I refuse to stay angry and I refuse to linger with the spirit of constant complaint. I make it a practice to find the good in everything, even when I am sick. It doesn't mean that I don’t feel these agitating emotions, it's just that I refuse to keep company with them. You would be surprised at how I have seen competent and talented people stagnated in life simply because of their pessimistic energy! I believe that the power of optimism is one of the most greatest ways to encounter a deeper level with God, to produce productive and positive relationships in your life and weed out toxic ones, to open the door for personal change in your life and it helps you to encounter Godly wealth and Godly health-peace and healing that surpasses all understanding. When the Apostle Paul said that “he could do all things through Christ..” (Phil 4:3)....and that he worked harder than any other Apostle (1 Cor 15:10)....I believe that he had tapped in the grace of optimism by means of his faith and relationship with God!! Paul stayed optimistic with and in #God through the toughest times in his life, and because of that, he lived a supernatural life here on earth! I have chose to follow the Apostle Paul and Jesus by being a living epistle who can prove that an optimistic spirit does work (mightily). I desire to have the God-given life and the victories over challenges to prove that faith and optimism in who God is and what God can do, works! I pray the same for you. Ask God to help you grow in faith and optimism! It will bless you!!

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