Staying on the path of happiness...How to guard your happiness

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The path of happiness…wow! Sometimes that can seem like something that so far from achieving, especially if you have had one bad break after another. I can genuinely empathize with you on that one! I have had my share of bad breaks! There have been periods in my life where things were coming like a violent tidal wave and approaching so fast that I hardly had time to catch my breath, and to be honest and transparent with you, I almost gave up and drained on several occasions; and …for many years, I struggled with tidal waves, and I struggled with staying happy. I remember so distinctly how I would settle into seasons of satisfaction and into seasons of finally reaching a place of peace, and then life would show up at my front door with an unwelcomed package. There I was, filled again, with anxiety and depression. Until one day, [finding myself on the brink of wanting to give up again], I decided to fight back! I chose to fight because I could feel the warmness of death breathing on my neck, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. I knew that I only had [maybe] one or two more encounters with those violent tidal waves, and they were eventually going to take me under, but I also knew that inside of me lived a fighter! So, while sitting in my car and confronted with death, I decided that nothing on the outside of me was going to drastically affect the inside of me—at least not to the point where I wanted to give up on my dreams, on my children or my life! I decided that I was going to place a breastplate around my emotions and my heart. I wanted neither one to receive those direct blows from the outside world. I also created a path (a way of doing things and a way of thinking) just for me and for my happiness. I decided that my happiness was not going to be a temporary emotion that could be stripped away within a blink of an eye, but from that day forward, my happiness would be my pathway; my state of mind, the way that I lived no matter what! I want to suggest what I did to protect my happiness: I would write positive affirmations on sticky notes and place them around my house; for example, on my bathroom mirror. I would also write bible scriptures that reminded me of who God made me to be, and I would tape that on my dashboard in my car. Most importantly, I would openly tell people [in a kind but firm way and when the situation presented itself], that there was nothing that they could do or say to rob me of my happiness. Some would take offense, some would back off, and some would agree and ask for suggestions. If you take nothing away from this, consider this: Once you choose to create that breastplate of protection and that narrow path of happiness, it will become special to you, and you will guard it, and it will grow, not in width, but in length, and you will begin to travel further with your happiness. You will also start to see the opportunities and people that you never saw before. You will start to see hope, and you will see that happy future that has always been there waiting for you.

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