Protecting your peaceful place from negativity

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Once you find yourself peaceful place, let nobody evade it with their #negativity....

One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned was how to regulate outgoing and incoming energies from myself and from others! It's a skill that God taught me, and it has kept me alive!

So be very careful of the energy you send to people and the energy you allow to be in your space because negative energy is ruthless and treacherous!

FOR THOSE who send out negative vibes, that energy is NOT your faithful employee, and it is not on your team--like you think it is! Negative energy will return to you ’as void’ and demand that you pay up [for its unfinished works] by suffocating everything in your camp!

FOR THOSE OF YOU who find yourself among negativity, do as Jesus did! He set up a guard around himself and he understood what #peacefulvibes were! [Phil 4:8,9] This is why #Jesus was able to walk confidently into a negative environment, rebuke it, release people from it and #still not be moved by it. He wouldn't allow himself to send or receive negativity because he understood that that type of energy is costly and deadly!

So #PleaseWatchHowYouTreatPeople and #guardyourselfagainstnegativity

“Once you find yourself peaceful place, let nobody evade it with their negativity”

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