Locking in a God-like marriage

I love this photo because it's precisely how I pictured that my husband and I would look on our wedding day. Plus, I have to add that God blessed us with one of the best photographers there was; and our photographer made us look even more glamorous!

But what you can’t see in this picture is how physically sick my husband was! See, the night before the wedding, my husband came down with an awful cold. It seemed like it was turning into the flu! He was miserable, and we couldn’t understand it. Even after all that Randy has been through [medically], he hardly ever caught a cold.

Being that we both were in tune with God [filled with the Holy Spirit], we knew that this was a spiritual attack, so we prayed together, but he became weaker. So the morning of the wedding was super tough on him. He had a high fever and was aching. His best friends and best man rallied around him, they held him and he pulled through.

I told you this short story for two reasons:

(1) Do not allow your emotions to become distracted by the beautiful pictures and the glamour of marriage. There is more to a marriage than beautiful photos. There are tough moments and times when you have to lean on each other and encourage each other to smile even when you are in pain. There are also times when you need your God-fearing friends' help to pray over you and keep you together. God always has people and a plan to help get you through.

(2) Secondly, God shared with me a valuable secret and a valuable lesson about His views on marriage, and here it is. God taught me to pray for my husband BEFORE we got together. God instructed me to pray for him, even BEFORE I ever knew who he was. He said to pray for his health, pray for his children (if he has any), and pray that he considers Me [God] in all his ways, and I [God] will direct his path to you.

See, what God was doing was strengthening my prayer life, increasing my daily consciousness of Him and His abilities, and closing those gaps where the devil could get into my mind and in my marriage. If I had not practiced the discipline of prayer beforehand, I probably would have been too worried or anxious to pray on the day when my husband really needed it.

God did not hold back His healing from Randy on that day; what He did was helped us to recognize that we had His authority and power within us to defeat satan. Subsequently, the devil was defeated, and he could have accomplished his mission on our wedding day! God got the glory that day! Prayer works!

If you notice [during the time before our marriage], God never asked me to pray for us or to give Him a list of everything I wanted in a man. He simply asked me to pray for my husband. God tested me to see if I would be obedient, and He wanted to know if I trusted Him to do what He said He was going to do. God also taught me that marriage should not be based on what makes me happy or Randy happy, but what makes Him happy. Because when God is happy, He makes sure His children are happier. God wanted me to know that if I chose to follow His advice (just like I did before I got married), He could do marvelous things with our union.

God has not failed us yet, and He will not! He has multiplied our lives even on the toughest days. If I could talk to any couple before they get married, I would say: Don’t desire what the world desires for your marriage. That's too shallow! God has so much more for both you! Know and desire what God wants for your union and take that seriously! Give everything that you believe you want from your marriage to Him, and with that submission, God can give you better! God can glorify your marriage in ways that you never imagined. He can get you through the tough times without giving up. God can bring success, wholeness, unlimited blessings your way. Most importantly God can bring into your marriage The Eternal Peace [ we can him Jesus]--who withstands the tests of time!

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