Learning to enjoy who I am FIRST!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Let me share a valuable life lesson with you that my husband shared with me about the enjoyment of life. He shared a spiritual principle that God uses for Himself so that people will not abuse or misuse His love or His power. God uses this powerful principle because: (1) He recognizes His [high] value, and (2) He understands that millions of people rely on Him because He makes life better for them. Because of these two reasons, God has to ensure that He safeguards Himself so that He can be happy and be successful in our lives.

God understands that He would not be useful to anyone if He allowed 'easy access' to His secrets or to Himself. God loves everyone, but He also knows that He has to protect the love that He gives and the love that He has for himself because: (1) His peace and His joy is linked to His love and (2) some people would misuse His love. In other words, by guarding His heart, God can function with great success, and also enjoy His life.

So the life lesson my husband was sharing with me was that we too could do the same thing that God does to protect His [high] value and to enjoy His life and enjoy us. I learned that day that we cannot afford to have our lives set on DEFAULT--functioning strictly on a factory set—operating with no perimeters and no protection! We have to value ourselves more as God values Himself. We should set strong passwords around our lives, strong values around our hearts, and strict standards around our dreams and goals! We have to place ourselves first so that we can enjoy ourselves and then be able to enjoy others.

The most important part of this is that when you decide to guard your heart, you will begin to have the courage to say "no" to others and not feel guilty. Some of you will start to see that placing yourself first, releases you from the chains of always wanting to please others, or desiring the attention from others. You will begin to enjoy the freedom of enjoying yourself first.

The following might be very helpful to you: Consider these few questions before taking on commitments-whether personal or professional:

  1. Am I violating my values and my dropping the guard around my heart to do this?

  2. Do I need to participate in this? Or do I see that this person can do this on their own or can get someone else to help?

  3. Am I helping this person or improving my situation? Or would I be harming the person or my position in the long run?

  4. Is this an emotional decision or a decision that I have thought out?

  5. What am I about to personally give up to do this? Can I afford to give that up?

  6. Will I be pleased with the decision that I made after this is done?

After you have answered the questions, sort through your answers, weigh the pros against the cons; and if you're still not sure, share your answers with a person who you know will give you sound advice.

Lastly, no one wants to enjoy you more than you want to enjoy yourself FIRST!

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