How I learned to control my thoughts and emotions

When I briefly look back, it is amazing how, on some mornings, I would wake up with so much strength for the day but no desire; and on other mornings, I was overflowing with desire and no strength.

I had gotten to the point where I was tired of waking up while the other part of me was still asleep!” I wanted a solution; I wanted to wake up inspired, whole, and ready for my day! This had to stop!

So after many days of soul searching and praying, I learned that I had to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare the night before-- for my tomorrow. I began to think and write out how I desired my next day to look and how I wanted to feel in the early morning hours.

As time passed, I noticed that I began to feel a sense of peace when I would write out. So I grew eager to see how my affirmations (my words) would play out the next day. This nightly preparation time became sacred to me, so those affirmations became the last words and thoughts that I allowed my eyes to see and mouth to speak before I went to sleep.

I also learned--that when I woke in the mornings and felt a certain way--I did not have to accept the way I felt. Unfortunately, for many years, I did precisely that. I accepted whatever emotion came my way because I did not know that I had the option to walk away from my own negative thoughts and feelings. If I felt mad when I woke up, that was the emotions that I went along with. I believed that I had to go along with my feelings because it came from me. See, I thought I had to own it and respond to it, but that was not true. To counteract that, I would say things like: "I am overflowing with strength; I filled with happiness; I have enough desire to complete my day." Sometimes I would say my affirmations with tears in my eyes. Still, I was determined to display and function in everything that I had spoken over myself, and I did!

There's a verse in the bible that says: wise [spoken] words bring many benefits, and I believe this to be true. Because the more I spoke over my life, the more I begin to see and experience the benefits of my words! Clarity, energy, and a balance between my desire and strength were now available to me. My words had become a spiritual fort surrounding my days. Here, in my fort, I had created this peaceful, productive space where nothing [without my permission] got in or was allowed to get out!

Every night [still], I have to refortify my fort; and I have to renew my mind because the success and the peace of my tomorrow are important to me. I am important to me.

I have to honestly say that some days of protecting myself from negative thoughts and energy and even negative people are easier said than done, but with God, I am always victorious, and plus, the (good) fight of protecting is worth it. I have grown so much in peace and balance that now I can enjoy life and share it with others!

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