How I became a powerful Overcomer!

This morning my prayer was concise. I didn’t ask for the obvious this morning, I simply asked God for more of His grace, and this is why.

Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate that when I called on God for assistance, He was not going to always take away every bad situation that I encountered. At first, I didn’t particularly care for or understand His answer to my prayers, but when He introduced me to His grace, I realized why He responded the way He did.

See, there are times, such as the time we are going through now, that we ask: where is God; and He is saying: I AM here in the midst of you! And as I often did (as I am even tempted to do now), many of you are probably saying: well, if He is here, why is all of this still happening, and I thought God was in control.

Well, I don’t have the answers to everything, but I know that when God does not immediately take away a situation, He will take it away in His perfect timing and not ours. I know that there will be times that years will pass, and that ugly situation will still be there, and in those types of cases, God says that He will give us the grace (the blessing/the empowerment) to overcome that situation. He desires, more than anything, for us to live as Overcomers.

I also personally know that in the most painful times in my life, when I had nothing else to hold to but grace, it was the empowerment of grace that brought my soul peace, it was the empowerment of grace that healed my anxious body. It was the empowerment of grace that gave me God’s instructions on how to have my problem surrender at my feet. God used all it to make me an Overcomer!

So could this be what God wants for us now? In a graceful place? So that He can instruct us on how to slay our enemies, slay this virus, slay racism, and all the other painful thorns of our lives?

I don’t expect everybody to understand this or even read it, but if you are a child of God, you know this! You know what it means when Jesus said, pick up your cross and follow me! You know that even Jesus himself went through tough tough times, where he knew he was about to die, and Jesus himself even begged God to take that cup from him, just like many of us are asking right now! But we also know that it was the empowerment of grace that allowed Jesus to complete what he had to do on the cross [for us] for that he could slay our biggest enemy. So it is that same grace that is your healing today. It is that same grace that is your understanding today. It is that same grace that is your peace in a world that has been turned upside down.

God needs you in a graceful place today so that you can help others who are severely hurt and do not understand how to handle this present time.

Prayer: God, give me the grace to handle this day and walk with me so that I never leave the empowerment of Your grace. Make me an Overcomer! Amen!

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