Daily Devotionals


           "You are not alone"  


On days when I feel somewhat lost or confused, I often pull out my bible and read this particular scripture that says: He [God} will never leave you nor forsake you" 1 Chr 28:20. This scripture always brings me so much peace because there was a time in my past, where I felt so alone, and I felt as if no one understood. Unfortunately, many of us go to bed at night with heavy hearts and stressful situations, and we wake up to the same issues, which can be so discouraging and disappointing. But the beautiful thing about God is that He reminds us every day that this depressing type of living does not have to be my world or your world. God has established a different world, a different and better way of living, and an unusual and burden-free way of thinking for His children. It's a world overflowing with peace, love, order, long life; but most importantly, we can enjoy the comforts of His world, while we are here in this world! Can you imagine that?!

When God says that He will never leave us nor forsake us, and when He says that HE chose to be our God, then God is reminding us that He already has enabled His children to make the right decisions about our lives. He has already helped us to approach situations in the right way the first time. HE already laid out the perfect plan for our lives...so that we can be happy, prosperous, and live a long life. Let' s not forget that this does not mean that we won't encounter challenging or even troubling times. It merely means is God will get us through…victoriously!

So this week, remember that "you are not alone". God has given you His wisdom and love to accompany you every day. His wisdom and love want to see you succeed and be happy. So ask God to help you hear the voice of His wisdom. Ask Him to help you block out the loud sounds around you so that His wisdom and love can flow freely in your life. Proverbs 4: 6,7 says: "Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you, love her, and she will watch over you. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding." [Proverb 4:6,7]


"How God can bring us from our lowest point to His highest point" 

Have you ever been at a place in your life where you just knew you couldn’t get any lower? Or felt afraid or anxious because you were so vulnerable or helpless to what was going on? 
Well, I almost get chills thinking about those times in my life. However, what amazes me is that it is those types of low places in our lives that get God’s attention. It’s almost like His ears, His heart, and His energy perks up because He knows that He can help. He knows that He has the master plan, the energy, and the hope that we need to see our way through, but most importantly, He wants to help because of our concerns are His concerns! 
I can almost hear some of you saying: “this sounds inspiring, Karen, but I need God to show up right now!” I will tell you that I understand because realistically, many of us do not have another hour to spare. You have to pay the bills today! You need to feed the children right now! The pain in your body and anguish is your mind is unbearable in ‘this’ moment…and the loneliness for many of you has taken over right now!
Here’s the good news, and here’s one thing that I know for sure: God can immediately download everything that HE KNOWS YOU NEED to get through. All you have to do is ask Him; believe that He has given it to you; receive it, [Matthew 21:22] and then walk in it, which means that you choose not to sit around and wait on God to drop a bag down from heaven.  Instead, you will trust Him, and go about your daily life, believing [by faith] that God has your issue in His hand.
It is essential to know that God sees your situation from more angles than you could ever see, and He is willing to provide you with what He knows you need [to address every aspect]. I say this lovingly because we find ourselves disappointed with God. After all, He did not answer our prayers or address our situation in the way we wanted Him. So then, in our disappointments, we say that God nor prayer works.
Our God is a mighty force, not just in heaven, but in our lives. Our God is from everlasting until everlasting, and He sees your beginning, your middle, and Your [good] end. He desires to get you to that good end in His way because His way is more peaceful, productive, and happy.  
Lastly, God is very concerned with what is happening on the outside of us. Still, He desires to create a place of peace on the inside of you [first] because He knows that with that peace and with your faith in Him, you have can dominion over your situations and the world! He wants to bring us HIGHER!
God never intended for us to function any other way than in His powerful image! (Genesis 1:27)