Randy and Karen Williams are ordained ministers, chaplains and they also attained their Doctorates in Divinity. Randy is a retired Professional Boxer, a youth boxing coach, and a high school Security Monitor and Prevention Specialist. Karen is a 20 year retired US Army Veteran and a JROTC High School Instructor. Karen currently holds a Masters Degree in Sports Management, a BS in Psychology and an AA in Business Administration. Randy and Karen are proud parents and grandparents; and they currently reside in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands where they both work and mentor youth and young adults in the community. 


So again we welcome you because here we address those hard questions about self and relationships; we discuss life's grey areas-where both right or what seems like it could be right, could possibly work; and we engage those taboo topics that seems socially and sometimes religiously untouchable, even though everybody wants to know the answer.  

In addition to thought-provoking blogging, great content, and reliable answers, we also offer  devotionals to help launch your week and your spirit in the right direction; and lastly is The yoUdiscovered The Christian Stationary Store (The CSS) where you can purchase beautiful stationary to journal your journey, keep log of everyday tasks, or maybe you can purchase a product as a gift for that favorite person, family member or business associate; and did you know that all the artwork in The CSS is our original work? What a treat! 

God bless you always!


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